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Al Jamal – Original Olive Oil Soap from Nablus – 4.6 oz

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Handmade Soap Bar by One of the Original Nablus Families from a 10th Century Recipe

This soap is completely plant-derived and there is no scent added to the soap its 100% olive smell there is no perfume added to it
Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Clean and Moisturized

 This is how olive oil soap is made in the West Bank.It’s being poured on the floor to cool and solidify.
The Palestinian tradition goes back over a thousand years,but while the West Bank once had nearly 40 soap factories,
Nablus Soap Company is just one of two still operating.




Item Form Bar
Brand Al Jamal
Scent Original
Item Weight 0.29 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches

10 reviews for Al Jamal – Original Olive Oil Soap from Nablus – 4.6 oz

  1. Miri

    I love this soap. But way over priced! It costs about $1 in Jerusalem. Very nice hand soap.

  2. Anon

    I love the way it makes my skin feel. God has blessed this soap. Thank you to the amazing soap makers that persist despite their challenges to produce a superior product. cannot wait to give these out as gifts they are very special.

  3. Catmom

    I have sensitive skin that sometimes breaks out in little itchy bumps, so I am extremely happy with this simple, mild soap. It softens my skin and makes it feel calm, not itchy. And I’m glad to buy from a company in Palestine.

  4. Not available

    i have always loved homemade soap. this one is nice because it’s simple, smells organic, cleans well and rinses well. I bought this after seeing the youtube video of how it’s made. i will always buy this brand from now on.

  5. Rob Underwood

    You have to work at it to get a lather and it’s worth it. I feel extra clean afterwards. I even wash my hair with this soap. Squeaky clean.

  6. Vince

    Clean is what you’ll get with this truly hand-made soap. It’s been around for quite some time, and you can look up videos on youtube to see exactly how it’s made, including being walked on while they hand-stamp their logo into the dried product.What you won’t get is chemicals, dried out skin, fake lather, and fake scents (though they do have scented versions of this as well).Highly recommended if you want natural, no-nonsense soap!

  7. Centauri

    Bought for the novelty. Seen the YouTube video. Got to use ancient soap recipe, poured on the floor to harden. Done that way for thousands of years. I’m into it

  8. Leigh Ann M. Smith

    I was first attracted to this soap because I saw a video on how it’s made. Old world style, exotic if you will… from a far away place. Then I saw the ingredients used. Simple, pure and no chemicals. Fantastic! I use mostly goats milk soap because of very dry skin and wanted to give this a try. This soap is very nice and leaves you moisturized and smelling fresh, not perfumed. Now I switch between this soap and goats milk soap, and I can honestly say it’s every bit as nourishing. I will be buying more.

  9. Lee

    It arrived very quickly, and it smells lovely. I love the shape of it, makes it much easier to hold onto when using it.

  10. life68

    I really like this soap and I was reading a review that it had no smell but it mentions already the company writes that in the description of no smell I guess some persons don’t read the description. I like it and it cleans good too also I like supporting Palestine people if I can due to the unjust happening. Also not having the chemicals I feel that are in most soaps have too many chemicals already.

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